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Who we are…

Precision Catalyst is comprised of a remarkable group of people based in Odessa, Texas. Its management team boasts extensive experience in gas compression, power generation, and fabrication. Founded in 2015, the company has enjoyed exceptional growth since its inception. As one of only a handful of full-service catalyst fabricators in the nation, Precision Catalyst sets out to provide outstanding products and an unyielding commitment to impressive service that is at the core of their mission. Looking into the future, Precision Catalyst anticipates expanding its branch while maintaining its core mission to deliver renowned service and support to every customer.

What we do…

Precision Catalyst, manufactures the highest quality emission control catalyst to meet today’s demanding regulatory environment. Standard catalyst for oxidation, diesel oxidation and three way catalyst applications are offered, as well as specially formulated products with enhanced methane and ethane destruction rates.

The entire manufacturing process is performed in-house, so we can deliver high quality catalyst consistently with third party independent performance validation.

Precision Catalyst, delivers the latest in emission control solutions. From CO, VOC and NOx abatement catalyst and systems, to systems engineering, catalyst washing services and testing, Precision Catalyst emission control solutions deliver superior performance on every project.

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